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Does Your Website Need a Make Over?

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WordPress Themes

WordPress themes take the content stored in your WordPress site and display it for everyone to see!

Themes change the design and layout of your website, making your website look it’s best for anyone that lands on it. But, themes are a lot more than just color and layout.

The right theme can drastically improve user interaction and engagement on your site, in addition to being beautiful!

Customized Theme Development

While WordPress does have a selection of premade themes, most people want to create their own, unique, custom theme for their website. Your theme should represent your own personal flair and unique mission when it comes to your website!

But, trying to create a custom theme can be hard, and that’s where BoiseWEB comes in!

BoiseWEB has built custom themes for business all across the United States, and we can build yours too! We have a highly trained team of professionals and years of experience.

If you want a beautiful, unique, eye-catching theme for your website, BoiseWEB is here to help!

Upgrade Friendly Design

All of BoiseWEB’s custom themes are upgrade friendly, so your theme won’t break when you want to upgrade or change your website.

Similarly, if you want to change something within your theme, it’s not going to break your website.

With BoiseWEB’s upgrade friendly design you won’t have to worry about anything breaking within your site. You’re in good hands!

Fast and Efficient Designs

BoiseWEB understands the importance of a fast website.

That’s why we design all of our custom themes to run fast and efficiently, because the last thing you want is for your theme to slow down your website.

Speed and efficiency are critical to a successful website!

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Interested in the Boise Web Make Over?

We Follow WordPress's Best Practices

BoiseWEB follows all of WordPress’s best practices, like not crossing over functionality between themes and plugins.

Your theme should never contain critical functionality; a theme’s job is to control the presentation of the content within your website. A plugin is used to add functionality and control the behavior and features of your site. 

Crossing over the two can cause serious problems within your site, especially when you want to change, remove, or update your theme or a plugin.

BoiseWEB makes sure to follow the best practices to keep your website running smoothly and efficiently!

Trust BoiseWEB for your theme development needs

If you want a custom theme for your WordPress website, BoiseWEB is here to help.

With years of experience, a highly trained staff, and clients all across the United States, we know what we’re doing when it comes to theme development.

Your website is an expression of you, and your theme should be too! 

Trust BoiseWEB to create the best custom theme for your website.